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PART 2- Production week

This week I want to give you further access into TCC by showing you what our weekly process looks like.

It all begins on MONDAY:

Monday is baking day, flours are sifted, eggs are whisked and the weeks cake schedule takes centre stage on our whiteboard!

All our tins need to be lined

Then we make our bases and fillings for our cakes

Gingerbread spiced cake in the making;

While the cakes are baking we make ganache, Couverture dark chocolate and white chocolate, which will then be flavoured to suit the different cakes.  It is important to ask your decorator what kind of chocolate they use, also ask if they make their ganache on site or if it comes out of bucket ordered from their wholesaler. Cheap chocolate tastes cheap!

We also contact all the wedding venues for the weekend, we like to ensure that our cake will be delivered at the venues preferred time, we don’t like to do a drop and run, the cake table needs to be ready for the cake, and if the client is having fresh flowers arranged on the cake we also call the florist to tie in with their delivery time.

TUESDAY: Our biggest day of the week!

Tuesday stands for Ganaching at TCC!

First we prep the cake for ganaching by taking off any crust that has formed whilst baking. (chocolate chip cake shown)

Then we cut the cake into layers, we STRONGLY believe this is a fundamental step, it ensures a great filling to cake ratio. This is not industry standard although we think it should be! Chocolate chip cake with white chocolate ganache.

Then we apply a generous outer layer of ganache to all cakes, this not only tastes beautiful, it also creates a perfect surface for icing the cake. No lumps and bumps.

Tuesday is also for flower making, we like to have all flowers for the week finished by Tuesday, so that they are nice and dry for the end of the week.

At TCC we dont buy our sugar flowers in, they are also handmade on site, this means we have to start making flowers for cake up to 1 month before the event.

Sugar flowers finished and waiting for assembly, Katrina hand colours each petal with petal dust to add extra depth.

PHEW Tuesdays are huge!

WEDNESDAY; Ice Ice baby!

On Wednesday we cover all the cakes with icing, we use 3mm thickness of the icing as it is basically all sugar and the focus should be on the flavours of the cake. The icing’s purpose should be to create a clean canvas for the cake artist. The only reason an artist would use more than 5mm thick of icing is to cover any flaws. This is why we take such care in ganaching.

Cakes iced and waiting for stacking;

On Wednesday’s we also like to finalise and finish any figurines we have for the weeks cakes;

Eggs in Love toppers getting final treatment, Attitude Anime Groom for a weekend wedding

THURSDAY, Stack and Decorate

On thursday we stack all of our tiered cakes, we like to leave the covered cakes overnight so that the icing sets nice and firm and wont get damaged during the decorating process.

We use an extensive support system to keep our cakes standing tall (more about that in another post).

Our blank canvas! Oooh the possibilities, must stick to the brief of course!

We also reorder stock on Thursday’s and make Macarons if required for the weekend;

FRIDAY, finishing day.

On Friday’s we wrap up the week, put all final touches on the cakes, and get them boxed and ready for delivery.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY; Delivery & consultations

On the weekend we hand deliver each of our cakes, we also schedule design and tasting consultations.

Thank the Lord we deliver so many cakes in the Yarra Valley! It means we get to rock up to Domaine Chandon and enjoy a grazing plate of fresh produce, delish!

It’s a very busy week but we love it.

NEXT WEEK, PART 3, its all in the cake baby!

Katrina x

“Our Philosophy is to create a cake that is visually appealing, always raising the bar in design and taste. To please the customer by bringing back a custom made, baked from scratch cake in a world where originality and flavour have been compromised.”  Katrina van Gaalen – director

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